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Secret Societies and chivalric orders have captivated us throughout history. They inhabited and still live among us, albeit discreetly, worldwide. But who were they? What political influences did they have on the most remarkable events in history? Join an original tour where we will try to reveal the occult world of these groups through a walk through the city of Dublin, where we will explore the symbology, rites, and secrets of the fascinating organizations in history.


Why do this tour?


Instead of taking a regular tour, delve into unique and original content about the different Secret Societies in Ireland. Learn about the functioning of the other groups and their architectural and symbolic details in an entertaining way.

3 hours



Walking level:

Meeting point: American College, 1 Merrion Square N (Oscar Wilde's House)

Hours:  Wednesdays to Sundays at 11 a.m.

Price: 15 € .

What are we going to talk about?

George Russell and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Masonic Grand Lodge of Ireland building.

The rising of the Hellfire Club.

The Knights Templars.

. . .  and much more!

  • What is a Free Tour?
    A Free Tour is an entertaining way to learn about the history and culture of a city. It is managed by professional guides who will take you through the most critical places in tours of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes for free. At the end of the ride, the guides will accept tips or donations based on their performance on each ride.
  • Should I tip my guide?
    If the tour has been to your liking, you can tip your guide if you wish. Each professional works exhaustively to provide the best quality service.
  • Where do the tours end?
    All of our Dublin walking tours end in the city center. If you have any doubts, your guide will help you at the end of each journey.
  • What happens if it rains at the time of the tour?
    All our tours count even if it rains, so we recommend you bring an umbrella or raincoat. If the weather turns dangerous, we will email you in advance to let you know whether or not the tour will take place.
  • Do you have wheelchair accessibility?
    Yes, Dublin is a relatively accessible city for wheelchair users.
  • Do you accept large groups on the Free Tour?
    No. If you have a group of more than eight people, you must contact us to book a private tour. We will adapt the trek to the number of people and specific interests there.
  • Are children accepted on the tours?
    Children are welcome on our tours; however, due to the content of the Night Tour, we only recommend children over 16 years of age.
  • Is transportation included in the tours?
    Most tours are in the city center, so no transportation is needed.
  • What happens if I pay for a tour and can't attend?
    In that case, we will need you to notify us five days before issuing the refund.
  • Can I modify a reservation?
    We are a small company, and the livelihood of our guides depends on each tour. We can only modify a reservation if you notify us five days in advance. You can also transfer your ticket to another person who wishes to attend in your place.
  • Should I book a tour in advance?
    You must book your tour in advance online.


An experience that captivates you from the first moment. Jose María told us and explained very interesting facts about the secret/discreet societies of Dublin, connecting this with historical data at the same time and, consequently, further enriching the visit. He told it in an interesting and entertaining way, and his treatment of us was pleasant. For me in particular, and my friends in general, one of the best guided tours to date. Congratulations and thank you!



The Tour with Jose was great. The only different tour from the generic ones.



We really enjoyed it thanks to Jose's excellent explanations. He transmits in a very didactic and entertaining way the history of Ireland, as well as the explanations and curiosities of the Tour. If we returned to Ireland, we would not hesitate to do all the tours that Jose does.

Maria Teresa



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