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Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions facilitate the understanding between the company and our clients. That is why we want to inform you about how our services work.

First, we ask you to take care of your personal belongings since Akelarre Tours is not responsible for losses, thefts, delays, damages, or inconveniences unless these are due to our company. In that case, liability will be limited (except for personal injury or death) to reimbursement for an activity. In turn, our clients have the full right to a full refund of a tour or activity if Akelarre Tours cancels or postpones the service.



Akelarre Tours will begin its activities at the indicated times. If the tour is paid for, we cannot refund clients who miss their activity due to lateness.


If you want to make a complaint or claim for the company's services, we ask you to email indicating the reason, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Limitations of the tours:

some of our activities are physically active and require optimal health. Both you and your group of travelers (if so) declare that you do not have any physical or mental condition that could put other people at risk or affect the harmony of the tour for other clients. You are solely responsible for your physical and emotional state during the trays and certify that you have consulted with your family doctor or an expert before taking our tours. You must be informed and take the necessary precautions to carry out our itineraries optimally. You declare and guarantee to our company that you have your medical history and up-to-date travel insurance before contracting our services.

Data privacy:

Akelarre Tours will collect customer data through our website when a reservation is made. We will not sell any personal information to third parties or on our tours. The information will be used to operate our services, contact our clients in case of any eventuality, as well as for promotions and news, provide technical support, create statistics that allow us to improve our services, and comply with laws and regulations.

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