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The red room at Leslie Castle

Built in the 17th century by the Leslie family, Leslie Castle is home to some of Ireland's spookiest stories. The Red Room is the main attraction, as it is said to be inhabited by the ghosts of people who lived in the castle, particularly Norman Leslie, who died during the First World War in 1914.

Although the Red Room has period furniture and stunning views of the lake and castle grounds, it has an eerie feel due to the dark stories told around it.

When Norman Leslie was killed at the Battle of Armentières, his ghost first appeared on the terrace of the Red Room in broad daylight. A few days later, Lady Marjorie Leslie also saw him by the dresser reading some letters and she asked him: "Why, Norman?" What are you doing here?" He just smiled and then faded away.

In 1943, before Lady Leonie Leslie died, she and her nurse claimed to have seen an old woman in this room. A few days later, the nurse commented that the old woman they had seen looked very similar to the woman in a portrait hanging there, then it was reported that it was Lady Constance and that she had died 18 years earlier.

To this day, many claim that Lady Constance still makes occasional appearances.

In modern times, staff members claim to have been approached by an elderly man in the Red Room. Others claim that they see Norman constantly and that he likes to “silence” guests who make too much noise. There is also a man in shadow form who is always sitting next to the library, watching the people who stay the night in this room.

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