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The Witch of Rio Grande, Texas

An iconic legend dates back to the 1950s, when residents devised a brave plan to confront it. They used a child as bait, luring the witch into the forest, where they attempted to neutralize her with gunshots. Although they managed to injure its talons, the owl took flight and escaped.

The next day, they attempted to trap her in a house believed to be her lair, only to encounter a seemingly ordinary woman, leaving the truth hidden in the shadows.

At the dawn of the 2000s, another shocking narrative emerged. A 9-year-old boy living south of San Antonio, between the towns of Von Ormy and Lytle, experienced an amazing encounter. Alone at home, he heard outside noises and came out excited, thinking it was his father. However, he encountered a majestic obsidian owl staring at him from a picnic table across the street. His grandmother interpreted this as a warning and performed an egg purification ritual to ward off the evil presence. A few days later, a devastating storm destroyed the town, leaving the boy's house and the picnic table where the owl had been perching intact.

Today, sightings and hearings of her crying persist, echoing her sinister legacy. Could this be a fantasy legend or a disturbing truth? Regardless of the answer, the story of the “White Witch” continues to leave a deep mark on those willing to enter her dark world. 🦉🌌


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